Four Steps To A Successful Move

Follow our four steps to make sure things go seamless.

Step 1 – Planning

We recommend planning your move as early as possible. Making a reservation early allows for greater flexibility and gives you the opportunity to focus on the more important aspects of your move, like finding your new home! Don’t know where to start? Schedule an introductory call with one of our Relocation specialists and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

Step 2 – Packing

You know when you’ll need our professional movers- Now what? Its time for Packing! We offer a wide range of options for packing. From our Standard Service, which includes professional packing of standard furniture pieces, to our Full Service package, which includes professional packing for everything down to the last fork, spoon, and knife, we’ll have you covered. Not sure which option is best for you? No problem- Give our Relocation Specialists a no obligation call and we’ll go over options.

Step 3 – Moving

ITS MOVE DAY! Leave the heavy lifting to us….On the day of the move our professional movers will handle everything. All you need to do is sit on the couch and relax (until its time to move it). Our teams of Certified Professional Movers go above and beyond to make sure everything is packed properly and professionally so you don’t have to worry. Does a stress free move sound appealing? Give us a call to see how we can help!

Step 4 – Delivery

We’re at the finish line now! It’s time to turn your new house into a new home. Our Delivery Team will make sure everything gets put into it’s proper place. Sit back and relax, we’ll do all the heavy lifting. Sound easy? that’s because it is when you work with Fidelity Van Lines. Call us today to find out more.

“I had never moved with a professional moving company before. My daughter suggested we give Fidelity Van Lines a call. I’m so glad I listened. The team was great and they arranged for everything to go smooth the entire way.”

— Katherine K.

” What a breathe of fresh air! I wasn’t excited about moving across country for work. My company hired Fidelity to coordinate our move. These guys really provided an A+ Service. Above and beyond for sure”

— Todd R.

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